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Dos and Don’ts


  1. Bring your medications, supplements along with you.
  2. Bring your medical reports / records while coming for treatments.
  3. Stop (or reduce gradually) smoking, alcohol, coffee, black tea, chocolates, heavy meals, junk food, snacking etc for a minimum of 3 days (better if 1 week) before the start of your programme.
  4. Eat light, freshly prepared and warm food, when hungry, with some spices like ginger, black pepper or cumin to improve your digestive power 3 days prior to the start of your programme.
  5. Sleep before 10 pm.
  6. Drink hot water and room temperature water only.
  7. Relax, meditate, walk, read, listen to soothing music, feel positive, pray for good health & peace of mind.



  1. Sleeping during the day and staying up at night.
  2. Eating when not hungry.
  3. Cold drinks, cold water, cold food, raw food, smoothies, milkshakes etc.
  4. Coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking, sex, exercise, computers/screens, exposure to hot sun & wind, too cold air-conditioning, swimming etc. during the programme.
  5. Asking Google about what you need (leave it to the treating doctor).
  6. Comparing with others, competitive attitude, negative emotions etc.