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What to expect?

What to expect in an Ayurveda programme?

  1. Ayurveda treatments are all-natural, no chemicals used.
  2. There will be a detailed consultation with our vaidya (doctor) at the beginning of the programme to assess your health condition, and constitution and to explain the process.
  3. You may be recommended to take ghee (clarified, medicated butter) in an increasing dose, as preparation for cleansing, for a period of 3-7 days based on your health and constitution.
  4. There may be days of fasting with minimal food or liquids.
  5. There may be days without any therapies or medicines (rest day) or sometimes only a few medicines. Let your doctor decide what’s best for you.
  6. There may be no fixed number of treatments for your own good. We want to give you treatments according to health changes, dosha conditions and various such factors relating to treatment indications. Hence, please allow us to customize accordingly. For example, if we fix to give 10 abhyanga oil massages in your package and if you develop ama (digestive or metabolic wastes) during the process then it’s better to stop abhyanga than just give because it’s included in the package.
  7. Complete rest (not bed rest though) will enhance the healing during the programme.
  8. Sleeping during the day and staying up at night can disturb the healing process and hence better avoided.
  9. Cleansing can be in various forms like emesis (therapeutic vomiting) therapy, purgation therapy, enema therapy, nasal therapy or bloodletting therapy, whichever is suitable and indicated to your health condition. Usually, a purgation therapy is done for general health improvement.
  10. It is beneficial to stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol, cold drinks, refrigerated items, raw food, smoking, sex, exercise, computers/screens, exposure to hot sun & wind, swimming etc. during the whole process to facilitate the healing and allow the bodily energies to do their job at best. Do not use an air-conditioner (or keep it not too cold), unless it is extreme heat to tolerate.
  11. Drinking warm (hot) water during the programme will be beneficial in cleansing and keeping digestion and metabolism optimal. Do not drink cold water / cold drinks during the programme and for a few days after as well.
  12. Mild yoga, relaxation, morning/evening slow walk, meditation, deep breathing etc are supportive in the healing process.
  13. Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda talk/discussion forum, cooking class, home remedies class etc. will be a part of the programme to enhance healing, to understand Ayurveda teachings and to continue availing the benefits of Ayurveda even after going back to your normal lives.
  14. Some oil massages, Shirodhara (oil flow on the forehead), warm poultice massage etc. will be there in the programme depending upon the health condition, response to the cleansing programme and the season, to create relaxation, facilitate cleansing or to nourish and rejuvenate the tissues/systems.
  15. Therapies are done by experienced therapists of the same gender. No cross-gender therapists will be assigned for treatments. This will help in better healing and relaxation.
  16. Our doctors may have to supervise the therapies at times and may enter the treatment room if required. Your understanding and cooperation will enable us to make it more therapeutic than just relaxing.
  17. Herbal and/or herbo-mineral supplements in decoctions, powders, capsules, tablets/pills, pastes, juices, teas or creams etc. may be prescribed by our doctors to support the healing process.
  18. A tentative plan/schedule will be provided to you upon booking and it may change after consultation or daily follow-up & observations.
  19. Every individual is unique and hence do not compare your programme with others! There may be similarities or differences, however, your programme is custom-made for YOU!
  20. If this is not your first time experiencing Ayurveda then don’t compare your previous experience to this one! Every experience can be different and your dosha/health status may be different now. Moreover, every vaidya (doctor) has a different approach to healing and uses his/her experience, intuitions and knowledge with a positive intention to do the best for your health. Hence, methods and combinations may be different but the intention will always be good and as per the principles. Do not Google and decide what you need, leave it to the treating doctor.
  21. Healing is a multidimensional process involving the doctor, medicine, therapists and the patient. So, YOU are an important part of the process. You will receive more benefits when you are more open to discussing your problems, understanding the concept, following the guidelines and setting a positive intention.
  22. Leave the stress behind when you come and take back health, happiness, awareness and a determination to live healthy and happily!

P.S: Most of the treatments are contraindicated during menstruation (monthly periods), as it is a natural phenomenon which should not be disturbed. Hence, we suggest you plan your programme dates by avoiding future periods, at least for the initial 9-10 days.

Programme Inclusions (depends on the facility selected- please read in the booking pages): Room with fan or air-con, attached bath-toilet, basic amenities, prescribed diet, all prescribed therapies, medicines during the program, consultation, daily follow-up, Group Yoga / Meditation, Ayurveda lectures, reference books/library, cooking demo, spiritual classes/lectures, prayer / Havan (fire ritual) / Pooja (worships/ceremonies/festivals) during your stay (if any) and Limited WiFi access (continuous use of gadgets is harmful in healing).

Programme Exclusions (add on by request): Take-home medicines after the programme, Private Yoga/meditation, Personal havan/pooja, Specialty treatments like Leech therapy / Ksharasutra / Ksharalepa, Airport transfers, local tours/transport, laundry, Ayurvedic cooking training, Ayurveda theory / practical training, Ayurveda internship program, Ayurveda therapist training etc.

Happy Healing!