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Why Us?

Why Kakunje Ayurveda?


  1. Because, we care! Yes, we are passionate about helping and healing by giving individual attention with an eye for details.
  2. We believe in personalized treatments, herbs, diet, lifestyle changes and everything, because YOU are UNIQUE! We don’t just offer ‘packages’ but we prefer to custom make it to suit YOU!
  3. It’s not crowded! Yes, we take only limited number of admissions so that we can give more attention and a peaceful atmosphere for healing.
  4. It is clean, green and fresh! We are located in a small town with all basic facilities but a lot of green and clean environment to help healing from inside out.
  5. We offer authentic and classical Ayurveda therapies, not just some massage.
  6. All our medicines are herbal / Ayurvedic and no chemical medicines.
  7. We are conveniently located! Yes, the nearest airport and railway station are just 35 km away from us. This town is well connected with major towns and cities of India by road as well.
  8. We offer traditional therapies but our team has international exposure and experience. Our doctors have traveled and worked in Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. They have treated patients from various regions like India, Thailand, Japan, Europe, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, Middle East, Srilanka, Malaysia and so on.
  9. The climate here is never cold and mostly warm to hot (in summer). This is beneficial in keeping up the circulation and results in better detox by opening up channels & by means of sweating as well.
  10. We have well equipped medical facilities and teams in the same town for emergencies. Moreover, there are multi-specialty and sophisticated medical, surgical, cancer, cosmetic etc hospitals/clinics in Mangalore (35km) & Manipal (65km) for combined healthcare and medical tourism.