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Dr. Prasanna has helped sort my ailments

Dr. Prasanna is one of the sharpest, well experienced and brightest Ayurvedic doctor that I have had the privilege of knowing as both a doctor and a dear friend. He has helped sort my ailments which were chronic for  years with simple recommendations of lifestyle modifications and relevant medication. His facilities in Moodbidri are very good and his personal attention to detail and the blending of oils and ingredients for specific procedures make the entire treatment  experience very effective….

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I wish him all the very best!

I have known Dr. Prasanna for many years, based on his experience for many years I can definitely say that he has evolved to be amongst the best in the field of Ayurveda. He has remained as intellectual, as graceful and as knowledgeable as he used to be in the early part of his professional life. He is doing excellent therapeutic/healing/counseling work. I wish him all the very best in all his endeavors. Praise Abraham, President at New Hope to…

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I highly recommend Dr. Prasanna!

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, was a visit to an ayurvedic health centre for a multi-day ayurvedic treatment. Dr. Prasanna was filling in for a Doctor who was on leave and I had the fortune of having a one hour consultation with Dr. Prasanna. It turned out that he was one of the top highlights of this entire trip. When I met him, I could feel he cared and I knew that I…

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Dr Prasanna is a very hard working individual…

Dr Prasanna is a very hard working individual, but at the same time does not forget to live his life too, he is dedicated to his profession and i wish him all success in the future. Rajesh Varma, Independent Ayurveda/Spa Consultant at Self employed- Spa consultant; via LinkedIn; Feb 10, 2015

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Good doctor!

Dr Prasanna is a go getter ambitious person. Good doctor. Dr Talavane Krishna, Owner, Indus valley Ayurvedic Center, IVAC; via LinkedIn; April 14, 2006

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